Manzara – Turkish noun: landscape, scene, panorama… irresistible pizza?

Photos of Manzara Restaurant, London
This photo of Manzara Restaurant is courtesy of TripAdvisor

No-one doesn’t like pizza. You might not love it but can’t hate it. But if you do love it, I’ve got the perfect place for you to visit – it’s cheap, it’s fast and is delicious.

Not 30 seconds from Notting Hill Gate station is a small Turkish restaurant called Manzara which is rarely busy and serves fantastic pizza. Yes, it may be Turkish but it does the most delicious pizza in the Notting Hill area and I can vouch for that – it far surpasses the more pricey ASK and Pizza Expresses that can be found far too easily in that part of London.

Manzara is deceptive as it presents itself similarly to one of those small, takeaway ‘pizzerias’ that can be found in Soho. The type that tricks you, in your horrifically drunken state, to buy a slice of one of their week-old pizzas with the guarantee of chronic diarrhea in the morning. Manzara, as you would’ve guessed, is not like at all like that, having several positives that single it out amongst the billions of pizzerias in west London:

  1. The pizzas are made freshly in front of your eyes. It may seem like a fairly insignificant point but it is in fact extremely satisfying to see a skillful chef make what will soon be going into your mouth. Also, it means that when you take your first bite, the cheese is still SIZZLING… (which is a good thing).
  2. Pricing. All the food that they make is incredibly cheap and affordable, from the pizzas and pides (commonly known as ‘Turkish pizzas) to their coffee and cakes. Any pizza with one or less topping costs £4.65… which, particularly in the current economic climate, is a bargain! Not only that, as Poppy pointed out, it gives no excuse to those ‘boring people’ who only get a margherita and use money as an excuse!
  3. Variety. Yes, they produce a startling variety of ingredients so that you can produce your favourite pizza at a very cheap price. My personal recommendation would be to go for grilled mixed peppers and pepperoni, or if you’re feeling vegetarian, switch the pepperoni for onions! In the end, whatever you get will be delicious!
  4. Closing time. Yes, this is important too, it closes at around 1:30am which not only gives you a whopping 12+ hour window to go there in, but means that on the way back from a night out it is a viable option for a cheap and tasty meal.
  5. Takeaway. Catering for takeaway is what makes this place brilliant – you can pop in and order a pizza, loiter around for 5 mins whilst they make it before heading off.
  6. Location. Close to Notting Hill Gate tube station, and what’s more, an easy 5 minute walk from Portobello market, Kensington Gardens + Hyde Park and Holland Park too.

The one drawback is its atmosphere; if you were to have a sit down meal, you’d feel like more like you were eating in an exotic morgue rather than a West London restaurant. But don’t let that deter you! The fact it does takeaway spares you that experience!

So there we have it, go check it out if you’re in the neighborhood… and don’t be put off by first impressions! As they say:

‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but by the pizza within’.

Location: 24 Pembridge Road, W11 3HL [Notting Hill Gate]

Suitable For: Food

Dining: Eat in, Takeaway [takeaway recommended]

Price: Cheap and Cheerful

Tips: Don’t underestimate how hot the cheese is

Wow Factor: Finest homemade pizzas and mezzes in West London

Overall: %%%


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