The Windsor Castle – “Kensington’s Friendliest Pub”


Some may say it’s arrogant to designate yourself the “friendliest pub” in your local area, but sometimes it’s said in such a charming manner that you can’t help but agree. The Windsor Castle is that pub, with its warm and welcoming atmosphere making it a traditional boozer that you can’t help but return to after your first visit.

Built in the 1830s, the pub has in fact changed very little, the entirely wooden-panelled interior revealing an insight into the state of society back then. How? You may ask. Well, 19th Century London was a place of social classes, characterised by extreme differences in wealth and etiquette, thus the Windsor Castle (which I initially was thinking of abbreviating to WC before spotting the obvious confusion it may raise) used wooden partitions to divide the inside into sections for each class, with small doors joining each precinct. Nowadays these serve no purpose other than to elevate the pub’s charm and sense of history; personally it reminded me of hobbits… though you may just think that weird.

windsor castle windsor castle 4

As you can see, the interior has a certain sense of modest regality, the wood panelling and furniture compliment each other to create a certain cosiness that can’t be said of all pubs. Particularly in winter, when they have the fire crackling and there’s the buzz of conversation and laughter, the Windsor Castle is an awesome place to be having a drink with some friends.

That said, it’s fantastic in the summer too, mainly due to its beer garden which offers the opportunity to sip your drink in the never-too-hot London summer sun. In fact, I’ve found that even in winter it’s nice to enjoy a beer outside at the Windsor Castle as they have several heaters interspersed amongst the tables to keep warm!

windsor castle 3

Now, I imagine that some of you grumble that a pub can’t be that good if it doesn’t have a nice selection of ales or if it only sells salted nuts; for you sceptics, I can proudly say that not only does this pub have a fine selection of lagers, bitters, ales (you name it!) but they also serve fantastic grub. Though I haven’t tried the food myself, reviews and pictures of their Sunday roast have me pretty much salivating so you can certainly take my word for it. And if my word isn’t good enough, take a look yourself at their website for further details on their food and drink!

So, readers, the Windsor Castle is well worth a look in if you’re in the area, or looking for somewhere genuinely traditional for a drink. No obnoxious music, plenty of seating, indoors and outdoors, good food and a real fire, this pub really is what London is all about.

Location: 114 Campden Hill Road, W8 7AR     [Notting Hill Gate]

Suitable For: Chatting with Friends, Drinks with Mates, Dining

Dining: Pub Grub

Price: Happily Affordable

Tips: Mind your head

Wow Factor: Fine beer garden. charming interior, strawberry beer.

Overall: %%%%

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