Jan 2013 – Monthly Roundup


I reckon it’s always a little tricky to start off a blog but the first month has proved thoroughly enjoyable so far. It’s great to see that I’m getting a lil attention and a few regulars so hopefully that fan base will grow! I’ve been rather busy this January, going out as much as possible to various locations so that I can blog all about them to you guys! So, I’ve decided on a whim to start doing monthly roundups so that I can bring to you my ‘top find’ of the month and chart the developments made to the blog:

Top Find:

Having seen so much great stuff, it’s proving quite tough to decide which is my top destination discovered in January. I’m in the midst of a tug o’ war between the charming Scooter Caffé and the raucous barge, Tamesis Dock… so much so that I will leave it a tie.


More exciting for me, I guess, but over the course of January the blog saw 235 views – BRILLIANT! Whilst my discovery of ‘widgets’ has seen a calendar inserted as well as other features such as ‘Top Posts’ and ‘Twitter Updates’. Yes, there is now an official Ant’s London twitter to go follow! Be excited. Most notably has been the thematic change of the blog which has given it a new look which I’m liking quite a lot… we’ll see whether this affects my viewership!


What to look forward to? To be honest, I can’t really be sure myself, though I have heard of a speakeasy that works on a BYOB policy… Many destinations await exploration! My aims? There is one in particular – to get my own camera! As I have clarified, most of these images are from the net so I’m treading on eggshells as regards to copyright infringements etc. Nevertheless, the show must go on! So here’s to the blog, and another month of London living.


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