Julie’s – Culinary Honeycomb

You want to impress your date. Classy, guaranteed quality and not too out there. You make your booking, walk your date down the colourful streets of Holland Park until you spot trees in the distance. Tables beneath. The lights of Julie’s, and an already impressed date on your arm.

[credit to this lovely blog for the photo]

Yes, Julie’s is about as West London as it can get. Perched in the midst of one of London’s wealthier areas, it offers top quality food and a relaxed atmosphere for dates and families alike. The menu offers a plethora of options, largely inspired by traditional British cooking; the bangers and mash, rib-eye steak with radicchio chimichurri and sour cream and crispy sea bass with pea purée and chermoula are personal favourites.

However, that’s only from the dinner menu! Julie’s is in fact open from 10am, offering breakfast through to dinner with different menus depending upon the time of day – links to the lunch and afternoon menus here. Oh and their specials are well worth a look, Friday’s Fish and Chips can only be described as scrumptious.

Nevertheless it is not just the food that keeps customers, regulars or newcomers alike, flooding in to Julie’s. Founded in 1969, it used to be a haven for the hippies of the 60s and 70s and is now described as ‘the rock chick of the restaurant world’. Some statement. Why? Well you have to take a look inside to really understand.


The interior is a labyrinth of alcoves and dining rooms, from the garden to crypt room, moroccan to gothic, Julie’s is truly a cultural maze with enormous stomach satisfaction potential.



ImageAnd with you now salivating at the prospect of dining here, I can give you one more piece of info: if you can’t decide which room you like most, why not rent them all out and throw a party? Julie’s likes parties.

ImageImage[courtesy to the Julie’s website for all these top notch pictures which were far better than any I could get on my phone]

Location: 135 Portland Road, W11 4LW     [Holland Park]

Suitable For: Date, Party Venue

Dining: Hell yeah.

Price: Cough up the Cash

Tips: it may be West London but don’t feel like you need to dress like a Sloane to fit in. Oh and book at least on the day, it’s very popular…always.

Wow Factor: Just go inside, snoop around and you’ll see. I did and they didn’t seem to care… though I was eating there mind you.

Overall: %%%%

Square Meal

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