Portside Parlour – a Pirate’s Den

It’s not often that pulling a toilet chain opens a secret door. Especially when that door swings open to reveal an underground speakeasy bar. A speakeasy bar run by some of the finest up and coming bartenders around. Not often, right?


Hidden beneath the Old Broadway, Portside Parlour is one of the finer establishments in London that you’ll find access to through a pub toilet. Created in association with Jamaica’s finest Appleton Rum Estate, it serves a heady mix of rum-based cocktails that tantalise the tastebuds and… get you drunk.



Dimly lit, with a playlist of indie rock and blues, it’s hard not to get comfortable at Portside. And you don’t find yourself saying that with a skull forming part of the decorative interior! The rickety wooden tables, treasure chests, leather couches, worn books and melting candles bring out the rum-inspired piratey character that leaves you, particularly after a couple drinks, enchanted and at ease.

Portside-Parlour ldn_portside_parlour_4_cropped


Location: 63 Broadway Market, E8 4PH     [London Fields, Haggerston]

Suitable For: Drinks with Friends

Dining: Narrr.

Price: Cough up the Cash

Tips: Don’t come dressed as a pirate.

Wow Factor: It’s damn cool.

Overall: %%%%



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