A little bit about Me and this Blog

Well I’ve already done an introductory post but this blog insists I have a permanent ‘About’ page so this ones for you so you know a little bit about me, Anthony, and my blog.

I’ve lived in London since I was 5 and love the place. My blog is all about showing you the awesomeness of London and hopefully persuading you that it is really the coolest place in the world… How do I expect to do that? Everyone knows about the big sights of London so what I want to do is share with you the quirkier spots that aren’t well known. Using the ‘Categories’ section on the right, you can flick through and find whatever you’re after, from secret gardens to hidden pubs, temporary exhibitions to unique bars. I’m pretty new to this all so forgive the primitive format of the site for the moment, and focus on the actual articles!

Me, personally, I am currently a gap year student who is hoping to go on to study art history at university. I’m chilled, happy and in love with my girlfriend, Poppy, of near 2 years and this blog is my way of keeping myself busy and writing about what I find interesting and exciting.

Enjoy reading, share the blog and go check out some of the places I write about!


Small shout out to my mate Ben Ireland who is also writing a blog about rugby, art and christianity – check that out too if it sounds interesting!

Ben’s Blog: http://benireland5.com/


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