Understanding the Rating System

Right, well, in fact it isn’t that hard but I thought I’d just pop something here just in case anyone doesn’t quite get it. At the bottom of every post I am putting a small ‘Info Box’ so that it’s easier to spot the basic facts about each place I review – see below:

  • Location: in this category I will put the address off the venue [surprise surprise!] and in brackets the nearest tube station
  • Suitable For: here I will state the various things the venue would be good for, ranging from ‘Drinks and Dancing’ and ‘Chatting with Friends’ to ‘Date’ and ‘Quiet Read’
  • Dining: if a location is suitable for dining [i.e. serves food] I will put here whether it functions as a takeaway, restaurant, or coffee shop
  • Price: I will categorise all the venues into four price sectors; ‘Cheap and Cheerful’, ‘Happily Affordable’, ‘Cough up the Cash’, ‘Uninhibited Decadence’
  • Tips: Any tips that I think of, e.g. don’t go on a Saturday night, they impose a full nudity rule
  • Wow Factor: here I’ll mention what makes the venue stand out from the rest, e.g. their default size beverage is by the pitcher, but the price is kept as if for a pint
  • Overall: a simple rating out of 5 stars… except I’m using ‘%’ signs instead. What’s important is that FIVE is the max score and contrary to most ratings, it will not be unachievable either.

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